General features and applications

Spir is dedicated to 2D energy and gain profiles calculation in rod and slab amplifiers. Spir simulates transverse and longitudinal diode pumped system.

The calculation of energy deposition is based on 3D ray tracing, Monte-Carlo method and non-sequential propagation. Spir takes into account amplifier specification such as absorption, Fresnel reflection, reflective coating, and Lambertian surface diffusion.

Diodes are characterized by their emission spectrum, 3D divergence, power, spectral shift due to temperature… Batch and parametric calculation and result used in Commod Pro.

System geometry can be built using basic optical elements such as cylinders, planes, ellipsis, parabolas…

I/O characteristics

  • PSY ASCII file containing system information.
  • Binary file of the energy distribution.
  • ASCII file of the energy distribution to be used in Commod Pro for example.
  • BMP file (for image processing).

Operating system

Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Spir interface

Spir interface is very intuitive, you get all information to build the pumping system and visualize outputs.

Application examples

Gain Profile

Example of transverse gain profile obtained by a 5 diodes pumping system.