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    Basic Commod Pro is a light version of Commod Pro to explore the capabilities of the software and the way to use it. Numerous examples are available to show the full Commod Pro capabilities.

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Commod Pro

Design and optimize your complex beam propagation systems. It is Oxalis-Laser's leading product, Commod Pro provides you an unattained mean to simulate extreme light.


Get access to wavefront distortion and polarization state changes of a complete optical or laser system. Modeling of thermo-mechanical and induced optical effect is a key point in your projects, ThermOpt will help you go beyond.


Design and simulate your pumping stage for a better control of the energy deposition in your active medium. Files can also be used with Commod Pro.


Very accessible software dedicated to fast studies of laser cavities.


• COFIL 2016, September 5-9, 2016 in Québec City, CANADA;

• ASSL 2016, 31 October - 3 November 2016 in Boston, MA.


« CP is a powerful tool for the optical simulation of complex multi-component systems containing passive, active and nonlinear media. CP was capable of accurately benchmarking published experiments using separate nonlinear OPO and DFM crystals in a resonant cavity. CP is currently being employed to optimize an OPO+DFM configuration for a commercial frequency conversion application. »

- Dr. R. Slater - RSPhotonix LLC

« What can Oxalis-Laser assure you is that what we simulate for frequency conversion modules is exactly what we measured. And we can assure you that this challenging issue is valuable for us »

- Georgios Tzeremes, Optoelectronic Engineer - European Space Agency